After a long, unexpected and unannounced break, CONNECT WOMEN DIARY is back. We apologize for the silence, but we assure you that it was necessary for us to take the time to re-strategize and prepare administratively for where God is taking us as a ministry. We believe it is a new season for us, it is a new year and we are starting fresh, we invite you to join us as we explore all that God has prepared for women everywhere.

Look out for exciting posts on our blog this year: new stories, interesting topics, helpful tips, exciting adventures, surprises and so much more.

Although we are late in sending the New Year greetings/wishes, we wish you the best year yet, we send our love and prayers to you wherever you are.

Since it is still a new season, here are helpful tips for all those who desire to start fresh this year:

  1. REVIEW:

Check to see what happened and how. It is necessary to review the past so you can take different steps in the future. Seek to answer the following questions: where did I begin the last time? Whom did I begin with and how did they contribute (negatively or positively)? What major decisions did I make and what were the outcomes? Why do I need a change now? This will help you prepare for your new season.


Check to see what needs to go and what you need to reintroduce differently. A new season does not always mean a break with the past. It could signify a desire for a change. The key is to identify what relationships, principles, lifestyle, choices, dreams, strategies etc. needs to be carried into the new season but handled differently-RECYCLED and which of the above listed is unnecessary for the change you seek and therefore should be left behind-DISPOSED.


Check to see if you are starting right this time; if you have laid the right foundation for the life you desire. The best place to start is the word of God. Jesus said to Peter “upon this rock (the word) I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. The foundation of the word of God, of faith in God and of prayer, can help you build a life of great success and prosperity.

If you are starting fresh check to see: what God’s word says about you, what he has promised is yours through Christ, what challenges and victories are ahead you and what is his specific word for you as you start over.


There is a reason new-year resolutions are often perceived as unsuccessful; because when the reality of the true cost of change becomes evident, most people quit. When you venture on a new path, you are bound to meet some bumps, patches or curves on the road. Rather than turn around you can navigate through them.

When you feel like quitting your fresh start, check to see if you are still on track and if so, remind yourself why you started in the first place. Check to see how far you’ve come and not how long it would take to get to the end. These will probably give you the strength and resolve you need to pull through.




At CONNECT WOMEN our mandate is to nurture women to be strong, purposeful and passionate.

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