Scriptural Reference: 1Timothy 1:12-15, 2Cor 10:12

 Over the years, I’ve heard different individuals recount their ‘salvation experience’. I have heard people explain the ‘terrible things’ they did in their lives, before they got saved. And when they share their stories, I try to understand their sentiments, I mean who wouldn’t?

The things they have experienced, the many different mistakes they have made and the subsequent consequences they most likely have to live with, it’s easy to understand why being saved by God can only be so precious to them.

But often times, when I look back at my life, I sometimes feel like my salvation story is ‘pale in comparison’. At one of those times, when I felt my story was not ‘bad’ enough to warrant redemption, God revealed the truth about me to me.

This is not to say that I was a ‘perfect cherub’ or that I led a life of complete innocence and did no wrong. Not at all! I did and still do, sometimes more than my share of foolish things!

But what makes this amazing gift of God so perfect for me is this: He knew ‘all’ my possibilities…tendencies. He knew just how terrible I could be if left to wade through life with my own vices.

He knew the dangers that would surround my life as a teenager and the seasons I would have to go through, fighting for life.

He knew all the decisions I could make and how every one of them would have turned me away from Him and regardless, He decided that I was worth it.

I was worth an early start, a purpose, a plan, the fight and the price. He decided that I was worth bearing His name and carrying His identity and He chose to save me: not just for the wrongs I had already done but for every wrong I could ever do.

And having determined that I was going to end up in His service, He captured my heart early so that even though I sometimes act like someone else’s, the covenant over my life remains the same and always speaks: God’s.

In 1Tim 1:12-15, Paul was telling Timothy the amazing story of how God saved him from himself and chose him especially when he considered himself to be the chief of sinners.

However, the emphasis of Paul’s testimony wasn’t really on the sordid nature of his past but rather on the amazing gift he received instead. And this also applies to us. The focus of our testimony is not essentially on what we’ve done but what Jesus did.

The story of redemption is not about the things we did; it is about the God we met: the experience and encounter. You like me, may not have a ‘seemingly exciting story’ to tell. Your testimony about how God saved you may be ‘simple’ and not what the world would consider ‘compelling’ to share but we know this for sure: The foundation, core and end of our lives is built upon His choice to show us mercy and grace, especially when we were completely undeserving of it. That in itself makes our salvation experience, like every other person’s, one of a kind.

Your story doesn’t need to seem extraordinary for it to be considered special, the end result speaks already. So share your story with someone today, it just might be what they need to be found by God!

At CONNECT WOMEN our mandate is to nurture women to be strong, purposeful and passionate.

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