CONNECT WOMEN Ministries was born out of a desire to see women discover their person, potential, possibilities, priority, and be empowered to assume their rightful place in God. We believe in the power of association and fellowship.

Connect women diary creates a platform for women to encourage and motivate other women through God’s word, shared experiences and discussions that will help nurture a generation of strong, purposeful and passionate women.

Our goal is to cater to the desire for wholeness, wellness and well-being in the heart and life of today’s woman.


Every woman has an identity and a purpose; God made us that way. Finding fulfillment in life is dependent on recognizing our identity in God. As women our happiness and fulfillment does not depend only on finding a spouse, building a family, surrendering to societal limitation or holding on to a lifestyle induced and supported by an abusive past. The recognition of our identity is the key to living a fulfilled life.

Connect women diary is designed to help you become all these and much more.


At CONNECT WOMEN we believe in the power of association; surrounding ourselves with people who are purposeful and God-oriented. We desire is to bring together Godly women from different nations and generations to share their faith, struggles, wisdom, experiences and victories.


Women that change their world were empowered to do so through training, personal discipline and drive for personal excellence. At Connect Women we raise women who are:

  • Strong – Women who are courageous and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe.
  • Purposeful– we want to see women live significant, impactful and successful lives.
  • Passionate– women who are driven, devoted, determined and committed to the will of God for their lives, family and community.

We provide resources that help women grow and take their rightful place. Our periodic seminars aim at helping women grow.


This blog is designed to cater to the wholeness, wellness and well-being of women today. Do these words mean the same thing?

  • Wholeness: this speaks of being complete, lacking nothing, containing all components, undivided. We want to see women through their salvation experience have become complete not perfect but healed from the past, working on their story and building on a better future. You were made to be whole!
  • Wellness: our desire is to raise a generation of healthy women; balance of the mind, body and spirit; not only free from illness, but continually going through a process of change, transformation and growth.
  • Well-being: we want to see women who are happy and fulfilled by their existence and their life. Women who are content and prosperous.

Connect women is not only a ministry for women it is a movement, a statement, a community. We believe in the woman and all she can be.

This is our vision.

Will you join us in empowering women everywhere?


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